May Update

This month we have Drive It Day (tomorrow as this is written!) and of course The Mendip Tour coming up on the 12th May – if you missed out this year but still want to be involved, we are always looking for marshals – please get in touch!

The Calendar has been fully updated including the new Motoring at the Manor event on 16th June which promises to be a very interesting event indeed – first come first served though, and we only have 15 cars allowed for!

Social Secretary – Wanted

ANN Budd, who has carried out the function of Social Secretary so superbly for many years, stepped down at the AGM in March. We therefore urgently need a member to come forward to take over this very interesting and important post right at the heart of Club affairs. There would of course be a lot of interaction with other Club members.

Some of the obvious qualities for the job are: enthusiasm for the Club, being a good negotiator, diplomatic and organized. The ability to attend the monthly Committee meetings would be preferable, although not absolutely essential.

Auditor – Wanted

AS THE C&H is a Limited Company, it has to submit annual accounts that need to be signed off by an accredited auditor. For many years now this has been done most admirably for us by Brian Norman, to whom we are most grateful. But he now wishes to hand this task on.  It would be ideal if we had a member with the necessary credentials (eg: a chartered accountant) who would volunteer to take over this annual task. Otherwise, we will have to hand it over to a paid professional…..

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