Mendip Tour 2020 Special Gallery News

16th May 2020

It’s the Mendip Tour tomorrow! OK it’s not….but we have another fantastic update to our special Mendip Tour Gallery and also a short personal message from the event chairman on the Mendip Tour page itself.

15th May 2020

A few more photos added to this fantastic gallery – anyone got anymore….? See special Mendip Tour Gallery

14th May 2020

More photos added to the special Mendip Tour Gallery today!

13th May 2020

Even more fantastic photos added to our special Mendip Tour Gallery today!

12th May 2020

Update today to the special Mendip Tour Gallery – thanks for sending in photos – keep them coming!

11th May 2020

Sunday 17th May 2020 was supposed to be the 26th edition of the Mendp Vintage & Classic Tour.
As with all classic car events this season it unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the current exceptional circumstances we find ourselves in.
So this week the C&H are creating a special Mendip Tour Gallery to include some of the best, or more personal moments from the history of the event. We’ll get the ball rolling and add a few each day, but please send over any of your favourite photos you have from previous Mendip Tours and we’ll aim to publish as many as we can in the new MT gallery!
Please send photos to:

or alternatively post up to the Facebook page and we’ll transfer them over to the gallery.
Good luck photo hunting!

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