November 2020 Update

October has proved to be very quiet in C&H world – especially after the excitement of the Cotswold Classic actually happening last month!

And with the national lockdown just announced, there isn’t much to report here. The C&H Christmas meal has had to be cancelled, and as things stand, it is not at all clear if a New Year Trundle of some sort can take place.

In other news – after considerable debate by the Mendip Tour Sub-committee and main Club Committee – and following further consultation with the three venues involved with the Mendip Tour event next year, it has been decided that the event cannot go ahead in 2021 in its normal format as we believe that some form of Covid-19 conditions will still be in force in some form or other.  As the Mendip Tour  is one of the Club’s most prestigious events it was felt it would not be appropriate to run it in a reduced format – one of the main issues being the finish on the magnificent Cathedral Green, as we would not be able to control the huge public attendance, which could be a potential disaster if Covid-19 is still prevalent then.

As a club we have a duty of care to our members, entrants and spectators, as do the venues we use. The Mendip Vintage & Classic Tour as we know is a three-venue event which sets it apart from other events we do, and it has a huge following. We do not want to degrade it by putting on something that carries the name but is a shadow of this fantastic event.  The Mendip Tour will be back as soon as we can operate the event to the standard you and we have come to expect.

We have however started to put together another event in its place with one venue required which we know will be much easier to organize and put everything required in place to make it as safe as possible for everyone concerned, so we may all enjoy the day. The date set is May 23rd 2021. Further details will be available soon…..

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