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Classix is the C&H’s monthly magazine issued free to all club members. It contains among other things news of forthcoming events, reports and photos of recently held events, club calendar, for sale/wanted ads etc.


Below you will find an article from a recent edition to give a flavour of the kind of things we get up to.

From October’s Classix

The Cotswold Classic Run  

Malcolm & Valerie Ingram’s day in their Jaguar E-Type

AFTER last year’s run in near endless rain, it was good to see the day dawn dry and reasonable warm. Stuart Cook had put together another very successful run around the Cotswolds, a very pretty area near our neck of the woods. Close to 100 cars, together with their drivers and navigators assembled in the splendid gardens of Grittleton House, Wiltshire, close to Castle Combe race track. The run is in memory of Roger Cook, who was a Bristolian and an avid supporter of everything to do with motoring, and it is his son, Stuart, who continues this enthusiasm and the run is a fitting memorial to his father.

After signing on and having a refreshing drink and breakfast roll, we were all issued with a ‘goody bag’ containing route instructions for the run, of just under 80 miles, along with a very comprehensive list of ‘runners & riders.’ The route instructions were, according to my navigator (my wife Valerie), the most comprehensive and informative she had ever encountered. They not only gave a written description of the route and items if interest en route, but also colour photographs  of significant directions, and something I thought was particularly useful, a copy of the route in colour on a print of the relevant OS map: very useful if you get lost.

As usual, the real stars of the day were the cars (sorry, ladies!). The cars were many and varied, and consequently much more interesting than the one-make events, which I find after a while a little boring. Along with several other entrants, we only made one navigational error shortly after the start, but were quickly back on the right road, and I must say it was taken at a much brisker pace than the usual C&H events. On several occasions we were travelling close to 70mph along some of the faster stretches, and cars were pulling away from us. However, I digress, and remembering Rule 1, we were certainly enjoying ourselves.

Due to the inaccuracies of older speedometers and the fitting of oversize tyres, the distance recorder on the car is always at odds with the route instructions, necessitating some quick mental arithmetic by Val throughout the route. On arrival back at the start we were greeted with a lunch of bangers & mash with mushy peas, followed by apple crumble & custard. I do like straightforward grub, and this was no exception.

The very worthy prize-winners of the day included Clive & Mary Rides’s 1949 Allard M type and Mike McLennan’s Austin A40 Somerset Coupé, both of which have featured in recent editions of Classix.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day out with some great friends; and from a purely personal point of view, having an event in the north of club’s area and seeing some very different countryside from the Somerset Levels. Well done and thank you to Stuart and all his helpers.


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