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Stirling Remembered

David & Deb Franklin

Following the recent passing of the legendary Stirling Moss, C&H member David Franklin, himself a well-known racing driver, has written this brief note about Stirling. David and his wife Deb had known him for over 40 years. 

I first met Stirling ‘properly’ in the early 1980’s when I was competing in David Piper’s Super Sports seriously in Europe, in the McLaren M6B.  Stirling had a Chevron B8, re-built with a 300 bhp  BMW M12 Formula 2 engine in the back – not really  correct! Anyway, he & Susie were brilliant company and he loved all the girls that were around the racing circuits! I don’t think he ever changed in that respect.  About that time he was also doing some events mainly in the USA in a 1965 Shelby GT350. He was so impressed with it and the fun he had driving it that in 1991 I bought one ! I got mine prepared by dear old Roger Dowson at Silverstone for rallies and some circuit races and went off with Deb to do events such as the Tour Auto in France, etc.  Stirling at this time had been persuaded by Ron Gammons of Brown & Gammons, the MG specialists, to rally a rather good MGB that they prepared, so Stirling & Susie were often with us on these European events. His stories, and most importantly the way he told them, were priceless !

As the years rolled on he competed in a variety of ‘different’ historic cars all over the world; was not worried about winning, just having fun ! He always had time to chat to people and was forever signing autographs for people, but as he got older his signature got smaller. I asked him one day why?  He replied that it was because if he had to use his pen he used less ink! He was VERY careful about money – do bear in mind in his days the top drivers did not get paid lots of money !

We kept in touch every year, often at the Goodwood meetings and some big historic meetings in Europe, but after his accident at home about nine years ago he was never really the same. That did him a lot of harm. The last two years Susie has been totally brilliant nursing him at home. To say he was a legend is an understatement, what he has done for British Motorsport over the years is incredible, plus he always wore his BRDC badge, tie or shirt with the greatest pride.

Rest in peace Stirling, and thank you for all the fabulous memories…….


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