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Classix is the C&H’s monthly magazine issued free to all club members. It contains among other things news of forthcoming events, reports and photos of recently held events, club calendar, for sale/wanted ads etc.


Below you will find an article from a recent edition to give a flavour of the kind of things we get up to.

From June’s Classix

Drive-it Day (28th April, 2019)

Clive Dennis

A FEW days prior to Drive–it Day, I had tried to start my MGC, only to find two flat batteries. New batteries were acquired from our local garage and after a bit of fiddling to get them into their respective wells, the car was up and running.

Enjoying a bright and early start for the first competitive run of the C&H season, I expected to see quite a few old cars on the road, but apart from four P3 Rovers in convoy, an old Citroёn, an MGA and an ancient combine harvester holding up the traffic on the A38, that was all.  Arriving at Monkton Elm Garden Centre just after 10:00 am, we were greeted by our C&H friends, before the challenge of finding Rob & Ann Murray in the café to sign on. You really needed a map to negotiate all the pot plants, gardening tools, fertilizers and cuddly toys! The Garden Centre seemed so much larger than on my last visit. Finally, Liz & I found Rob & Ann, signed on, got a coffee and plotted a route.

Our departure time was 11.09 am, but we didn’t manage to get away until somewhat later, following out a very nice Datsun 240Z belonging to Richard & Hayley Creber. We found our first two clues at nearby pubs, then parted company with the Datsun on a roundabout leaving Taunton. Our route was a pub crawl, which took us through some very pretty countryside, mainly in the Quantock Hills. Deciding to ignore the ‘road closed’ sign as we approached Monksilver, we came to an abrupt stop with a barrier across the road. Navigator Liz hopped(!) out and moved the barrier for me to drive through, before closing it. We carried on with a deep trench on one side and a similar barrier at the end  which was duly opened and closed. A sigh of relief as the next clue was found at the village shop.

On to Wiveliscombe, dropping off Liz in Church Street to find the first pub sign, before parking next to Ray & Chris Clarke’s TR4A. Walking into the town centre, the further five pub plaques were located.  Apparently there had been two breweries and many more pubs in the past and plaques have been erected in their memory.

Milverton was our next stop and with some local help we found the clue at The Globe Inn. This turned out to be our final find, as approaching The Allerford Inn we had ten minutes in hand, but decided against going to Bradford on Tone to gain five points, only to loose ten for late arrival.

As we pulled into the pub car park, once again we found ourselves behind the Datsun 240Z. They too had to decided not to go to Bradford on Tone.  Sitting outside The Allerford Inn with our drinks it was most pleasant watching the others arrive and the trains go past. A very good carvery lunch was enjoyed, before Rob announced the results. Much to our surprise, we were declared joint winners with John & Denise Blackburn in their 1983 Scimitar and Paul Dickinson & Derek Ezekiel in Paul’s 1973 VW Beetle.  Our 1969 MGC, being the oldest car, made us the overall winner.  Easter eggs were awarded to all the winners.

Our thanks go to Rob & Ann Murray for a super Drive-it Day.


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