The Mendip Tour – 2019 Judges’ Awards

Cat 1:                       BEST VETERAN EDWARDIAN CAR

Plate 1                     1911 Gregoire

Jonathan Nash and Michelle Denning,  Shepton Mallet

Cat 2:                       BEST PRE-WAR (1920 to 1939)

Plate 7                     1932 Ford V8 Cabriolet

Edwin Phllips & Susan Vickers,  Wells

Cat 3:                       BEST POST-WAR (1940 to 1959)

Plate 42                   1958 Jaguar XK 150

Ian & Joy Studley,  Shipham

Cat 4:                      BEST CLASSIC CAR  (1960 to 1974)

Plate 112                 1971 Triumph GT6

Malcolm & Ben Lippiatt   Bristol

Cat 5:                      BEST MODERN CLASSIC (1975 to 1989)

Plate 151                1979 Chevrolet Corvette

Paul & Jane Bishops,  Bristol

Cat 6:                     BEST FAMILY CAR

Plate 53                 1961 Alvis TD 21

Don & Mavis Gray,  Upper Langford

Cat 7:                     BEST C&H MEMBERS CAR

Plate  82                1967 Jaguar E-Type OTS

Malcolm & Valerie Ingram,   Bristol

Cat 8:                     BEST DRESSED LADY

Plate 52                 1961 Austin Healey 3000 Mk II

Lisa Cook  (Stuart & Lisa Cook),  Bristol

Cat 9:                     BEST DRESSED GENTLEMEN

Plate 94                 David & James Graham,  Shepton Mallet

1968 Jaguar 4200

Cat 10:                   BEST DRESSED ENSEMBLE

Plate 35                 Geoff & Valerie Pringle,  Long Sutton

1955 Triumph TR2

Cat 11:                   BEST DRESSED COUPLE

Plate 8                   Brian & Linda Stenhouse,   Bristol

1927 Austin Seven RP

Cat 12:                   EILEEN GILES TROPHY (Mayor’s Choice)

Plate 9                   Clive and Judith Hooper,  Bristol

1927 Austin Seven


Plate 22                 1948 Alvis TA 14 DHC

Geoff & Hazel Newman,  Westbury, Wilts

Cat 14:                   JUBILEE CUP – MAIN SPONSOR’S AWARD

Plate 24                 1950 Bentley Sport

Pat Bridgeman & Ped Rossiter, Shepton Mallet

Cat 15:                   LONG DISTANCE AWARD

Plate 65                 Christopher Shore & Susan Kelley,  Lincoln  (202 miles)

1963 Osca GT2

Cat 16:                   BEST OVERALL CAR

Plate 136               1976 Ferrari 308 GTB

Simon Ford & Brian Kendall,  Bristol


The C&H Awards for 2018

Presented at the New Year Trundle on 13th January, 2019

Touring Championship

Overall Champions        Ron & Marilyn Ford                           1966 MGB-GT

Pre-war Champion         Tony Giles                                          1937 Morris Eight

Post-war Champions     Tony Pow                                            1953 Dellow

Classic Champions         Paul & Julie Dickinson                     1964 Volkswagen

Modern Classic Ch’ps     John & Denise Blackburn                1981 Reliant Scimitar

Best Newcomers           Clive & Mary Rides                             1934 Invicta

Competitive Awards

Overall Competitive Driver                       Chris Marks

Overall Competitive Navigator                 Patsy Wallace


Committee Awards

The Jack Hayes Memorial Trophy (for the car recording the highest mileage)

Tony Giles                

The John Carlton Trophy (Photographic Competition)

Stuart Cook

The ABCD Trophy (for Above & Beyond the Call of Duty)

Ann Budd

The LEAF Trophy (for Love, Enthusiasm And Friendship)

Ron & Fay Pitman

The Bill Willcocks Shield (for the best or most article(s) in Classix)

Mark Hayward


The  C&H Trophies

Overall Touring                                       Armorall Trophy

Overall Comp. Driver                              The Radiator Trophy

Overall Comp. Navigator                        The Navigator Cup

Pre-war Touring                                      The Davis Rose Bowl

Post-war Touring                                    The Somerset Auto Club Cup

Classic Touring                                       The Primrose Trophy

Modern Classic Touring                          Modern Classic Touring Cup

Best Newcomer(s)                                 The Roger Cook Trophy

ABCD                                                    The Clifton Trophy

LEAF                                                     The LEAF Trophy

Photographic Contest                            The John Carlton Trophy

Jack Hayes – Highest Mileage               The Hispana Trophy

Best or Most Magazine Article(s)          The Bill Willcocks Shield

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