November 2023 monthly update

With the clocks about to change as this is written, a lot of classics will be tucked up for winter – but if you can get them out now and again that’s great – especially if it’s to bring them along to the C&H New Year Trundle – a bit of an institution being the first club outing of the year and also doubling as our awards presentation – see the Calendar page for more information.

And talking of awards, please see the newly updated Results page for the list of winners of this year’s club championships – there are still several cups to award which are special awards at the Chairman’s discretion!

Looking further ahead into 2024, the date has now been set for the Mendip Tour – Sunday 19th May 2024. More details will be available in due course – and remember that club members get early entry from January, with “public” entries from February.

Very soon we will have our all new merchandise available – here is a sample of the sort of things we will have available:

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