December 2021 Update

Merry Christmas from the C&H! Although that always does appear to be a bit early when writing this in November….

A few updates this month, not least of which is the fact that The Mendip Tour is back! A date has been set (22nd May 2022) and preparation works are already well underway….watch this space for more updates.

The New Year Trundle event now has full details posted, plus there are also details for the February Icebreaker lunch – details for booking both can be found in the club’s magazine Classix, December edition.

A new page has been introduced to the website called “AOB” – the intention being that events, articles, links, and anything interesting in the classic world that comes to our attention can be published there – it’s a work in progress at the moment as there are a few teething problems with amongst other things, posts getting mixed up between club news and the AOB stuff…but we’ll get to grips with it soon! Have a look at the start of our AOB page – if you have anything that might be of interest for this page, let us know!

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